Clinicians Report July 2023, Volume 16 Issue 7


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Gordon: Ten Things I Wish I Had Learned Sooner!*
Dental Implants: Zirconia vs. Titanium, A Material Comparison*
Managing Dental Fear and Anxiety (Part 1)*
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Avoiding Implant Failures and How to Treat Them
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V2305 Proven Simple and Successful Use of Mini Implants
V2388 Simple, Inexpensive Implant Solutions for
V3501 Making Foolproof Class II Composites
V3963 Snoring and Sleep Apnea—Prevention and Treatment
V4103 Easy Third Molar Extractions
V4181 Atraumatic Removal of Teeth—Erupted and Impacted
V4700 Top Ten Revenue-Producing Expanded Functions
V4794 Multiple Patient Scheduling—Working Smarter, Not Harder
X1316 Efficient & Smart Endodontics for GPs
X1329 Endodontics: The Untapped Treasure Right Before Your Eyes
X4356 Successful Periodontal Treatment for GPs
X4715 Building Your Ideal Team
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Gordon: Ten Things I Wish I Had Learned Sooner!

• No Current Oral Treatment is as Beautiful, as Effective, or as Long Lasting as a Vital Tooth
• The Dentist Does Not Have to Accomplish Every Clinical Procedure Himself/Herself
• There are Good Days and Bad Days
• Diagnostic Data Collection by Staff
• Endodontic Treatment can Reduce Restorative Life Expectancy
• Small Diameter Implants are Working as Well or Better than Conventional Diameter Implants 
Conservative Periodontal Treatment Works
• Involvement in Dental Sleep Medicine should be Our Responsibility
• Removing Teeth Easily, Rapidly, and Relatively Painlessly
• Desensitizing and Disinfecting Tooth Preparations
• Educational Resources

Dental Implants: Zirconia vs. Titanium, A Material Comparison

• Comparison of Implant Materials
• Key Considerations for Zirconia Implants
• Example Popular Zirconia Implant Models
• CR Conclusions

Managing Dental Fear and Anxiety (Part 1)

• Psychological Solutions for Anxiety
• Recognizing the Anxious Patient
• Managing Children’s Fear and Anxiety
• Example Sources of Anxiety and Their Solutions
• CR Conclusions

Products Rated Highly by CR Scientists and Clinical Evaluators

• Complete Interproximal Reduction Diamond Burs Kit and Storage Bur Block
• Fast Setting Bite Registration Material is Rigid when Set, Accurate, and Easy to Trim
• Syringe-Dispensed Reparative Cement for Root Repair Treatments
• Low-Cost Aluminum Chloride Hemostatic Gel has Fast, Safe Results for Esthetic Cases

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