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CR Foundation — 2024 Donors

CR Foundation® and Gordon J. Christensen recognize the generosity of the dental community and their commitment to unbiased dental research. We thank all those who have contributed funds during 2024 and helped CR in its mission to provide clinicians with the truth about dental products and techniques.

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CR Legacy Society, Diamond

Robert G Fox DDS✴

CR Fellows Society, Platinum

Theodore P Croll DDS✴
Terrence P Kunkel DDS✴
Allison Mang DMD✴

CR Associates Society, Gold

John F Coakley DMD✴
John W Drumm DMD✴
Evan L Perry DDS✴

CR Service to Dentistry Society, Silver

Leonard Anglis DDS ABID ABGD✴
Barry J Cunha DDS✴
Charles R Fields DDS MAGD✴
Barton H Foutz DDS✴
Christopher Gall DDS✴
Kurt R Gossweiler DDS MD✴
John Terry Green DDS MAGD✴
Dr and Mrs Joseph R Greenberg✴
J D Halle DDS✴
Gregg L Kassan DDS✴
Patricia A McConnell DDS✴
Glenn F Okuda DMD✴
Bimbo Pietro DDS✴
James L Rodgers DDS✴
Uday N Shah DDS✴
John Stangl DDS✴
Gary Walker DDS✴
Richard E Wolfert DMD

CR Foundation Community, Bronze

1 Anonymous Donor
Lisa Jo Adornetto DDS✴
Trish A Barsanti DDS✴
Michael Beck DMD✴
Francis A Cappetta DDS✴
John D Dinka DDS✴
Gerhard Goorhuis DDS MAGD✴
Richard A Greenberg DDS✴
David Groenke DMD✴
Robert A Gruenberg DDS✴
Jeffery W Hadley DDS✴
Brandon Helgeson DDS✴
W Kenneth Horwitz DDS FACD FIDC FAGD✴
Ben Kawasaki DDS, MSD✴
John D Koons DMD✴
Ryan Leaman DDS✴
H Ronald Levin DDS✴
Timothy McCabe DMD✴
Gary McCabe Ross DDS FAGD FICOI✴
Tim Molloy DDS MAGD✴
Shannon Patterson DMD, FAGD✴
Deborah Shiba DDS✴
G. Kirk Soileau DDS✴
Michael P Wallace DMD✴
Andrew T Wilson DMD FAGD✴
Steve Yang DDS✴

Accumulated Giving (multiple donations)

Friends of CR Foundation

Up to $499
2 Anonymous Donors
David Bailey DDS✴
Vincent E Biank DDS✴
Howard D Booth DDS✴
Janice Cazes DDS MAGD✴
Martin Chaney
Ty Davidson DDS
James R Donnelly DDS MAGD✴
Russell G Edman✴
C Kevin Farr DMD AGD✴
Mark Frizzo DDS PLLC✴
P M Frost✴
Andrew P Galante DMD MAGD
Kathleen Gilmore DMD
William B Hamel III
Stephen Jarvie✴
Jan Kennah✴
Theodore Kimball III
Barbara Lawnicki DMD
John F Lhota
James F Londrey
Nicholas Mallory
Barbara B Mauldin DMD MAGD FACD
Robert B McDade DMD✴
Shawn McDevitt DDS
Peter J McDonald DMD BS/BA✴
David E Miller Jr DDS✴
Ken Nelkin DDS
Sam R Paredes DDS✴
Keith Petranek DDS✴
Clifford Prince DDS✴
Louis Sandor Jr DDS, DABOI✴
John Schulz DDS✴
Robert C Sink DDS✴
R Mack Snead Jr DDS MAGD FICD✴
Blake Swimmer DDS
Jeffrey Tilson DDS✴
Ali Weiselberg DDS FICOI✴

Accumulated Giving (multiple donations)