CR Dentistry Update Speaker Bio

Robert Spiel, MBA

Robert SpielBob Spiel’s mission is building high-performance practices that deliver exceptional service while doing more, in less time with less stress. His firms, Spiel Consulting and Dentist Partner Pros, transform general and specialty practices by building leaders at all levels—with a special focus on building leaders among owners and associates.

Bob had over twenty-five years of business experience before getting into dentistry, including being a hospital and surgical center CEO, as well as an operations director for two mid-cap firms. This taught Bob to see each need in a practice with a “systems orientation”. Using this approach, over the past 12 years his firms have achieved a remarkable 90% success rate in searching for, hiring, and retaining associate doctors compared to the 75% failure rate the dental industry has as a track record. He sees this as one the largest threats to the continuation of private oral surgery practices.

He is a popular speaker, Co-host of the podcast Just Say No to the DSO, faculty member for Dr. Gordon Christensen where he teaches a breakthrough course on leadership, as well as the author of: Flip Your Focus—Igniting People, Profits and Performance through Upside-down Leadership.