Single Topic #1 from September 2022, Volume 15 Issue 9


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Gordon Answers 20 Tough Questions

CR clinicians and science staff accumulated 70 topics on which there were no finite answers and are controversial. At the risk of developing additional controversy, they have provided suggestions for you on the potential current answers to these questions.

This is one article from the September 2022 issue of Clinicians Report.

20 Questions 0922 ST


Gordon Answers 20 Tough Questions

  1. Is cone beam radiology necessary?

  2. Does endodontic treatment become less effective with time?

  3. Should sleep medicine be a part of dentistry or does it belong entirely with physicians?

  4. Should teenagers receive ceramic or direct resin veneers?

  5. When should orthodontics be initiated?

  6. At what age should implants be placed?

  7. Are root-form implants as acceptable as teeth?

  8. When to remove third molars?

  9. Are preventive antibiotics necessary for implants, impactions, heart valves, or joint replacement?

  10. Endodontic treatment vs. an implant

  11. Conservative vs. surgical periodontal treatment

  12. 5,000 ppm fluoride in trays vs. 5,000 ppm fluoride toothpaste vs. fluoride rinse for caries prevention

  13. Lithium disilicate vs. Class 4 cubic zirconia (“esthetic” zirconias of many brands)

  14. CAD/CAM dentures

  15. Is power toothbrushing better than manual toothbrushing?

  16. Does glutaraldehyde need to be placed for two 1-minute applications?

  17. How do you handle the patient who refuses radiographs?

  18. Handheld radiographic devices vs. wall mounted ones

  19. Should retreatment of failing endodontic procedures be accomplished?

  20. What are alternatives for the “all-on-4” fixed prostheses concept for edentulous patients?

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This is one article from the September 2022 issue of Clinicians Report. For the entire issue, please go to September 2022.

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