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High vs. Low Translucent Zirconia: Should I be using BOTH?

This report shows clinical results now pointing to some indications and contra-indications for the high and low translucent zirconia formulations.

This is one article from the November 2022 issue of Clinicians Report.

Translucent Zirconia 1122 ST


High vs. Low Translucent Zirconia: Should I be using BOTH?

• Zirconia Clinical Service Longevity vs. Translucence

A. Important Differences in the 2 Types of Zirconia Used Today in Dentistry
B. Study Results: Zirconia Type Related to Service Longevity
C. Conclusion: Indications for Zirconia Types Based on Service Longevity

• Zirconia Wear of Opposing Dentition

A. Study Results: Zirconia Types Relate to Wear of Opposing Dentition
B. Conclusion: Tetragonal Zirconias Are Significantly Less Wearing of Opposing Dentition than Cubic Containing Zirconias

• Color/Translucence/Texture Blend with Surrounding Dentition

A. Study Results: Blend was Lab–Dependent, and No Lab Achieved Blend Consistently Over Time
B. Conclusion: Blend Depended More on Laboratory Skill than on Zirconia Type

• Current Complicating Factors

• Overall Conclusions

This is one article from the November 2022 issue of Clinicians Report. For the entire issue, please go to November 2022.

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