Dental Hygiene Clinicians Report July/August 2021, Volume 14 Issue 4


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ioRinse RTU: An Effective Pre-treatment Rinse
Unique Lip, Cheek, and Tongue Retractor

July/Aug 2021 Hygiene Report


ioRinse RTU: An Effective Pre-treatment Rinse

1. How does the performance of ioRinse RTU compare to other products suggested for Covid-19 pre-treatment rinsing?
2. What is the formulation of ioRinse RTU, and how is it different from other iodine-based oral antiseptics?
3. Is testing in the presence of fresh human whole saliva important?
4. Should I buy the ioRinse RTU (Ready-To-Use) or ioRinse Concentrate for my office and patients to use for rinsing?
5. How should ioRinse RTU be used clinically?
6. How long does ioRinse RTU reduce the oral SARS-CoV-2 virus count?
7. Are there contra-indications to use of ioRinse RTU?
8. Where can ioRinse RTU be purchased, and what is its retail list price?
9. TRAC Research Conclusions

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• Unique Lip, Cheek, and Tongue Retractor that Also Allows Closure for Initial Occlusion Observations

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