Dental Hygiene Clinicians Report July/August 2016, Volume 9 Issue 4


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Seven Products Rated Highly by Evaluators in CR Clinical Trials


American Eagle Instruments
Clinical Supply Company
Dentsply Sirona Preventive
Easy Enterprises
Hedy Canada
Trism Books


Cavitron Touch with Steri-Mate 360 Handpiece
Implant Instruments
Marly Skin Guard
Nimbus Microfine Compact
Posi-Prene Edge
Sugar Bugs
July/August 2016 Hygiene


Products Rated Highly by Evaluators in CR Clinical Trials

• Sharp and Safe Titanium Tipped Implant Scaling Instruments
• Hardbound Children’s Book that Educates about Effects of Sugar and Not Brushing
• Popular Ultrasonic Scaler Unit with Newly Designed Interface and Effortless Rotation of Insert Tip
• Hand Toothbrush with Unique Soft Bristles for thorough Gentle Cleaning while Protecting Soft Tissues
• Protective Skin Foam/Cream Protects Hands from Frequent Washing and Prolonged Glove Use
• Handheld, Battery-Operated, Compact Explorer Sharpener
• Polychloroprene Examination Gloves with Excellent Tactile Sensitivity and Low Price

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