SPECIAL EDITION—Women: The Changing Face of Dentistry


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Women: The Changing Face of Dentistry

Part I: This report shows the trends for female dentists, the physical size differences between female and male clinicians, and suggested equipment and instruments to improve ergonomics for female dentists.

Part II: CR presents current data, explores frequent questions, and provides suggestions to women practitioners.

Women in Dentistry


Women: The Changing Face of Dentistry (Part I)

• Female Dentists: The Numbers
• Problematic Dental Equipment
• Ergonomic Clinical Tips for All Clinicians
• CR Conclusions

Women: The Changing Face of Dentistry (Part II)

• Career Choices for Women Dentists
• Practice Statistics
• Clinical Practice Differences
• CR Survey Results
• The Challenge of Work/Life Balance
• Behaviors, Communication, Perceptions, and Biases
• Leadership for Women Dentists
• CR Conclusions

This is a Special Edition of the Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report.

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