Clinicians Report January 2023, Volume 16 Issue 1


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Some Crowns Are Not Fitting—Why?*
Practice Success in Inflationary Times*
Ridge Preservation (RP) at Extraction: Why and How*
Products Rated Highly by CR Scientists and Clinical Evaluators

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The Book on Dental Marketing-How to Light Up Your Market & Terrify Your Competition
The Power of Customer Experience
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alloOss Putty
Clinicians Report January 2023


Some Crowns Are Not Fitting—Why?

• Internal Spacing Issues with Tips for Improving Internal Fit
• Occlusal Spacing Issues with Tips for Improving Occlusal Fit
• Communicating with the Lab
• Technique for Adjusting Zirconia
• CR Conclusions

Practice Success in Inflationary Times

• Dentist: Know Thyself!
• Increase Revenues
• Cut Costs
• Accept the Life Raft!
• CR Conclusions

Ridge Preservation (RP) at Extraction: Why and How

• Why Graft?
• When to Graft
• Pre-Op Considerations and Discussions
• Surgery Goal: Maintain All Extraction Site Osseous Walls (4 Wall Preservation) 
Bone Graft Material Usage
• Intact Extraction Sites: Preferred Type of Bone Graft Material
• Graft Placement Technique
• Suturing Over Plug or Membrane 
Membrane Placement Technique
• Plugs and Membrane Brand Names
• CR Conclusions

Products Rated Highly by Evaluators in CR Clinical Trials

• First Look: Intraoral X-ray Sensor with Lower Cost and Excellent Image Quality
• Self-Cure Chairside Reline and Repair Material Matches Common Denture Base Acrylics 
Lower Cost and Easy to Store Bio-enzymatic Tablet for Ultrasonic Cleaner
• Proven Classic: Provisional Cement with Eugenol can Improve Patient Experience

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