Audio Clinicians Report Survey

1. How often do you currently read the Clinicians Report?
Regularly (every issue) Occasionally (a few times a year) Rarely (once a year or less) Never
2. How likely are you to listen to the audio version of the Clinicians Report?
Very likely Likely Neutral Unlikely Very unlikely
3. What time of day are you most likely to listen to the audio version?
Morning Afternoon Evening Night No specific time
4. Which device would you most likely use to listen to the audio version?
Smartphone Tablet Computer Smart Speaker (e.g., Amazon Echo, Google Home) Other
5. Which features would you find most valuable in the audio version?
Professional narration Ability to download and listen offline Chapter markers for easy navigation Supplementary materials (e.g., PDFs of charts and tables) Interviews with authors and experts Summaries of key points
6. How do you prefer to access audio content?
Streaming online Downloading for offline listening Via a dedicated app Through email subscription Other
7. Would you be willing to pay for the audio version if it included premium content?
Yes No Maybe
8. What improvements or additional features would you like to see in the audio version?
9. How important is it for the audio version to be synchronized with the print version (e.g., simultaneous release)?
Very important Important Neutral Not important