CR Dentistry Update Speaker Bio

Mark R. Durham, DMD

Dr. Mark R. DurhamDr. Mark R. Durham is a proud graduate of LSU’s 2010 prosthodontic program and has a decade of experience with esthetic and complex dental reconstruction cases, implant prosthetics, and traditional prosthetic cases. He is also a Presidential Endowed Chair, a past Section Head of Prosthodontics, and an Associate Professor of the University of Utah. For more than a decade, he has taught dental students, residents, dentists, and specialists in the United States and abroad on the most up to date topics in clinical prosthodontics and clinical dentistry. He is an active prosthodontist with years of clinical experience in private practice, faculty practice, and the Veterans’ Affairs Hospital.

Mark is famous for leading the teams that built augmented-reality modules for new-age surgical visualization (X-Ray Surgical Glasses); low cost haptic-reinforced skill training system (dentistry meets video games); and hundreds of virtual-reality distance learning micro-skills modules (virtual-reality meets dental school).

One of Mark’s favorite undertakings right now is the combined efforts of the University of Utah and CR Foundation to fuse "The Dental Test Clinic." This research clinic is made up of a wide variety of clinicians who test products to make the dental industry better.