Special Edition: Managing Dental Fear and Anxiety


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Managing Dental Fear and Anxiety

Part 1: Psychological management—prevention, etiology, recognition, and abundance of clinical tips.
Part 2: Pharmacological management of who, who not to, which drug, risks, and resources for continuing education.

This document contains both Part 1 from Clinicians Report July 2023 and Part 2 fromClinicians Report August 2023.

Special Edition: Dental Fear


Managing Dental Fear and Anxiety (Part 1)

• Psychological Solutions for Anxiety
• Recognizing the Anxious Patient
• Managing Children’s Fear and Anxiety
• Example Sources of Anxiety and Their Solutions
• CR Conclusions

Managing Dental Fear and Anxiety (Part 2): Sedation

• CR Survey
• General Considerations Conscious Sedation
• Levels of Conscious Sedation (from ADA Guidelines: Sedation)
• Which Patients may Benefit from Sedation?
• Pharmacology
• Patient Monitoring
• Equipment
• Clinical Tips
• Need for education and experience
• CR Conclusions

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