Dental Hygiene Newsletter July/August 2005, Volume 5 Issue 4


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Noteworthy Products


Dental America Supply
Dental Health Products
Omnii Oral Pharmaceuticals
Palmero Heath Care
Stepping Stones to Success
SunStar Butler
Vision USA


En Motion Automated Touchless Dispenser
Gum Delicate
Sport Bifocal Safety Eyewear
Tech-Specs Bifocal Safety Eyewear
What is Debridement? Can't I Just Have My Teeth Cleaned?
Wizard Bifocal Safety Eyewear
Dental Hygiene Newsletter July/August 2005, Volume 5 Issue 4 - h200508 - Hygiene Reports


Noteworthy Products

• Fluoride Varnish with Very Favorable Clinical Characteristics
• Patient Education Brochure on Debridement
• Super Soft Bristles for Gentle Cleaning Post Surgery
• Bifocal Safety Eyewear
• Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser
• Moistening Mouth Spray for Relief of Xerostomia Symptoms

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