Special Supplement "Common Radiation Doses Chart" Full Size Plus October 2012 Clinicians Report


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"Are You Worried About Radiation?"

Full Page Graph on Radiation Sources

Plus Clinicians Report October 2012, Volume 5 Issue 10


Full Page Graph "Comparison of Common Radiation Sources"

Plus the Clinicians Report October 2012:

Are You Worried About Radiation?

• What is an appropriate radiation dose?
• Comparison of Common Radiation Sources
• How much radiation do staff members receive?
• Holding a Sensor or Film
• Lead Aprons and Thyroid Shields
• Staff Monitoring with Dosimeters
• CR Conclusions

Endo Access through Ceramics: Are Cracks a Problem?

• CR Endo Access User Survey
• CR Research
• Ceramics Tested and Extent of Cracking
• Diamond Burs Tested for Making Endodontic Access Opening
• Clinical Tips
• CR Conclusions

Xerostomia: The No Spit Zone—Causes and Potential Solutions

• Function of Saliva
• Composition of Normal Saliva
• Signs and Symptoms of Xerostomia
• Some Causes of Xerostomia
• Dental Implications
• Treatment
• Preventive Dentistry
• CR Conclusions

Noteworthy Products

• Lead-Free, Lightweight, Thyroid Collar is as Effective as 0.5 mm Lead Collars
• Easy Gingival Retraction with an Astringent Paste Syringed through Very Fine Tip

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