Dr. Rella Christensen's Aerosols Video Presentation

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Dr. Rella Christensen presents one full hour of information on Dental Treatment Aerosols, Therapeutic Restoratives, and the Supremacy of Zirconia in 2020.

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Rella Video Aerosols

Course Topics

Video is one hour long. 1 self-study CE per purchase.*

Topics include:

  • Dental Treatment Aerosols
    • 3 Critical Control Points
    • Effective Methods You can use NOW to Manage Aerosols
    • High Velocity Suction (HVE)
    • Isolation & Saliva Ejector
    • Disinfection of Operating Site
    • Pre-treatment Rinse
    • Dental Unit Waterline (DUWL) Control
    • Personal Immune System Competence
    • Effective Face Mask & Eye Covering
    • Screen ALL Before Admission
    • Ambient Air Treatments
  • 2020 Rise of “Therapeutic” Restorations
  • 2020 Supremacy of Zirconia over Other Esthetic Monolithic Materials
    • New Unproven Zirconia Powders in Discs
    • New Less Expensive Crowns

BONUS: TRAC Research's course handouts that complement the information presented are included.

This is 1 hour of a 7 CE CR Dentistry Update.

* 1 self-study CE per purchase. If additional participants also need CE credit, please call CR Courses at 888-334-3200 for information.

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