Dentistry Update FULL Session, July 2020

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7 CEs

Watch the full session of the CR Dentistry Update with more than 40+ topics presented by Dr. Gordon J. Christensen, Dr. Rella Christensen, and others. Stream at your leisure from anywhere you wish—home or office; desktop, laptop, or mobile device—anywhere with high-speed internet access.

"Dr. Christensen NEVER disappoints! He and Dr. Rella Christensen always give you 125% effort and information for the time and dollar investments. It is always a joy to experience a course that is all about the trendiest useful information and not about the speaker's talents. I save many times the investment dollars in CR courses and CR newsletters NOT spending it on inferior products. The savings from the frustration and cost of retreatments due to poor products means so much to me!" – Dr. R. Ferguson, Florida

CE Video July 20

Course Topics

Viewing is in 4 segments of one to two hours each. 7 self-study CEs per purchase.

Morning Session #1

• Introduction
• Cementation
• Current Cements
• A Logical Classification for Ceramic crowns
• Technology 2020
• Scanning
• Valuable Proven or New Products for Fixed Prosthodontics

Morning Session #2

• Take Your Practice Back
• Intraoral Camera
• Liners
• Pulp Capping
• Clinical Tip: Indirect Pulp Capping
• CVEK Technique
• Bottom Line Pulp Capping
• Preventive Medicine
• Vital Sign Measuring Devices
• Pulse Oximeters
• Pediatric Dentistry
• Prefabricated Zirconia Crowns
• Removable Prosthodontics
• Apicoectomies, Frenectomies, Biopsies, Hemisections

Afternoon Session #1

• Dr. Rella Christensen
• Relevant Facts about Dental Aerosols
• 8 Effective Methods to use NOW to Manage Aerosols
• High Velocity Evacuation
• Isolation & Saliva Ejector
• Disinfection of Operating Site
• Pre-Treatment Rinse
• Dental Unit Waterline Control
• Personal Immune System Competence
• Effective Face Mask & Eye Covering
• Screen ALL Before Admission
• 2020 Rise of "THERAPEUTIC" Restoratives
• Tips on GI Placement
• 2020 Supremacy of ZIRCONIA
• How can you know if your Lab sent 3Y, 4Y, or 5Y Zirconia?
• New Unproven Zirconia Powders in Discs
• If You Seek Less Expensive Crowns
• Some Ongoing Changes in Operative Dentistry
• Finishing Class II Composites

Afternoon Session #2

• Equipment
• Electric Handpieces
• Inexpensive Handpieces
• Equipment 2020
• Antibiotic Use in Endodontics
• Surgery
• Grafting Extraction Sites
• Extraction Instruments
• Suturing Materials Compared
• Tissue Graft
• Socket Preservation and Bone Grafting
• Maxillary Third-Molar Removal Flap or No Flap?
• Patient Education

BONUS: TRAC Research's course handouts that complement the information presented in Afternoon Session #1 are included.