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Portland, OR (2021)

October 29, 2021 (Friday)

"Always great information enabling you to wade through the countless varieties of products and techniques utilized in dentistry today. Especially great when you consider how fast dentistry is changing. Honesty, frankness, and little humor mixed in." (Dr. B. Rowe, WA)

Chicago 21

Chicago, IL (2021)

November 5, 2021 (Friday)

"Your unbiased opinion and test results are not only viable for my daily practice, but for dentistry as a whole!" (2021 Dentistry Update Course Attendee)

Indianapolis 21

Indianapolis, IN (2021)

November 19, 2021 (Friday)

"This was the third time I have heard Dr. Dorociak, and this was his most memorable presentation! His positive messages made me feel that he is a person that does the right thing with his practice as well as all interpersonal encounters! They all make me feel that I have and will continue to 'do the right thing.'" (2021 Dentistry Update Course Attendee)

Kansas City 21

Kansas City, KS (2021)

December 3, 2021 (Friday)

"I have taken a number of Update Courses over the years and I value the fresh information each course offers me. I appreciate the candid opinions based on research, to know what to consider purchasing or not for my office. Thank you." (2020 Dentistry Update Course Attendee)

Park City 22

Park City, UT (2022)

February 4 & 5, 2022 (Friday & Saturday)

"We have attended many update courses around the country, but our favorite is to start the year in Utah, either at Snowbird or Park City. It sets the tone for the year, and I come back energized with new information and products. One of the best aspects of this course is the question and answer session Friday night. You get the opportunity in a ver...

Ft Lauderdale DU22

Ft Lauderdale, FL (2022)

February 11, 2022 (Friday)

"This was a great course; informative, fast-paced, and entertaining. Full of useful pearls of dental wisdom." (Dr. S. Metz, Florida course attendee)

Scottsdale 22

Scottsdale, AZ (2022)

April 15, 2022 (Friday)

"I've been coming to see Gordon for nearly 40 years. Still the best course for practical dentistry update!" (Dr. D. Farley, NM)

Seattle 22

Seattle, WA (2022)

May 6, 2022 (Friday)

"Thank you, Gordon, for being a leader and example for dental professionals. Where else can we turn for as much high significance, unbiased information?" (Dr. Winchell, WA)

Las Vegas #1 22

Las Vegas, NV #1 (2022)

May 27, 2022 (Friday)

CR Dentistry Update & Office Manager Course at Caesars Palace

"Gordon and Rella's command of the subject matter is unmatched. They always challenge my understanding of dentistry." (Dr. James Cole, 2021 course attendee)

St Louis DU22

St. Louis, MO (2022)

June 3, 2022 (Friday)

"Always an amazing review on just about every topic in the field of dentistry. A 'must' on an annual basis to stay current and relevant." (Dr. Funk, WA)

Minneapolis 22

Minneapolis, MN (2022)

June 17, 2022 (Friday)

"Drs. Christensen, you guys are amazing! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this incredible institution. We learn so much from you. What you do for our profession is unparalleled. Thank you for your honesty, integrity, and unbiased research substantiated information. The enthusiasm you bring to dentistry is always felt, appreciated, and infectious. We ARE a great pro...

Branson 22

Big Cedar Lodge, Branson, MO (2022)

June 24, 2022 (Friday)

"CR Dentistry Update courses provide non-biased and highly researched and clinically tested information about dental products, equipment, and clinical techniques found no where else in the dental industry." (Dentistry Update Course Attendee)

Williamsburg 2022

Williamsburg, VA (2022)

July 15, 2022 (Friday)

"I wish all my staff were here." (2021 Course Attendee)

Cruise 22-3

Alaska Inside Passage Cruise (2022)

July 24–31, 2022


CR Dentistry Update & Office Manager Course

"I have been attending Dr. Gordon's updates since 1986 and have thoroughly enjoyed including my four children. They look forward to joining me since they know their summer vacation will always be in a fun-filled place for them. Thank you for all your wisdom, knowledge, and priceless memories for my children." (D...

Myrtle Beach 2022

Myrtle Beach, SC (2022)

August 5, 2022 (Friday)

"The information was so relevant and applicable to my daily practice!" (Dr. B. Manofsky)

Lake Tahoe 22

Lake Tahoe, NV (2022)

August 19, 2022 (Friday)

"I appreciate Dr. Christensen's ability to get to the nuts and bolts of several topics in a day course for a good overview." (Dr. P. Dixon, IL)

Boston 2022

Boston, MA (2022)

September 9, 2022 (Friday)

"Excellent course as usual with up-to-date material. Dr. Christensen speaks from years of experience as a practicing dentist. He has a wonderful ability to speak effectively to a broad audience from young dentists to those of us who have been in practice for decades. One of my favorite speakers for sure." (2021 Course Attendee)


Halifax, NS (2022)

Postponed to September 2022

"Dr. Christensen's presentations were spot on—things that could be taken to the office and used the next day. For the most up-to-date information, proven information, there is nothing better." (Dr. R. Wray)

If you would like to be notified once registration is open for this course, please call 888-334-3200 or email Courses@CliniciansReport.org and ask to be put on the...

Las Vegas #2 22 Paris

Las Vegas, NV #2 (2022)

October 7, 2022 (Friday)

CR Dentistry Update & Office Manager Course at the Paris Las Vegas

"It is always nice to discuss 'bread and butter' dentistry or what 80% of dental practices do a majority of the time and what the best practices, materials, and steps are to enhance efficiency and patient care, e.g., crown material review, composite adhesive review, bone/socket preservation, and impla...

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