Will the new products you’re buying meet expectations?

Did you know that only 20% of new products meet their promotional claims? In these economically challenging times, are you paying for one of the 80% that don’t meet your expectations? Every clinician has purchased new products that did not work, but are stored in hope of some unknown future use or thrown away at considerable loss. 

Dental clinicians need unbiased, candid, practical information on products and techniques. The major purpose of the Gordon J Christensen Clinicians Report® is to give readers KNOWLEDGE—knowledge that they can use in their practices. CR Foundation® is the world’s only non-profit, dentist-funded dental product testing lab. CR tests and compares products and reports evaluation results fully and honestly in a monthly quick-read format. 

If you can find the product, concept, or technique in dental practice, you will find research on it in Clinicians Report, the trusted industry resource for over 40 years.

The Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report:

  • Provides practical clinical tips and techniques
  • Raises the quality of care for your patients by avoiding less effective products
  • Shows you how other dentists rate products you use
  • Helps you avoid using patients as test subjects with new products you purchase
  • Delivers honest, non-biased, reliable, immediately useful information
  • Is written by “real-world” practicing clinicians and CR staff
  • Has contributed over 40 years of trusted, reliable service to the dental profession
  • Grants online access to over 15 years of previous issues
  • Has CE credit available for reading Clinicians Report (11 credits per year)
  • Is proven to help you save time and money for your practice

Take advantage of our team of experts and their years of clinical expertise in the research of tested and proven products, materials and techniques to create a more efficient dental practice that delivers the highest level of care for your patients. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!  (Use discount code BDJ16 for 20% off your subscription!)

Gordon J. Christensen
CEO, Founder, DDS, MSD, PhD

“The need to evaluate products in an unbiased, privately sponsored, non-profit organization is greater than ever before! You can depend on Clinicians Report to fill that need every month. I guarantee it!” — Gordon